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Our online software platform offers information on thousands of courses from various countries to assist you to Evaluate your profile & get Course Recommendations. You can refine the recommendations and shortlist the courses you would like to apply to. To proceed with application and to get assisted on Documentation, Admission and VISA process, Purchase from our reasonable and flexible Study Abroad Plans

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Whizstorm offers information on thousands of PROGRAMS and UNIVERSITIES worldwide

SEARCH and SHORTLIST courses for free, additionally take advantage of affordable STUDY ABROAD PLANS for assistance with documentation, application, admission and VISA process.

  • Search Courses

    Search from thousands of options by selecting your intended program, destination country and study level to get a list of programs on WhizStorm.

  • Refine Course

    The search will yield programs with essential deciding factors like Application fee, Test scores, Application Deadline, Intake, Tuition and others, refine your search to narrow down search results.

  • View Program and Universty Details

    Click on the program or University name to view the details of the program or university on their dedicated webpage and verify information if needed on university page.

  • Shortlist Courses

    You can shortlist the courses you like for free. You will get an access to a dahsboard where you can view the shortlisted courses and choose to apply.

  • Purchase your Plan

    To proceed with the applications you will need to select and purchse a plan for the level of assistance you need.

  • Dedicated Assistance

    Based on your PLAN, your dedicated advisor will assist you at various steps of your process like putting together the documents and requirements to study abroad.

  • Course Recommendation

    Apart from the courses you shortlisted, Your advisor with the help of our course experts will recommend Courses and Universities after a thorough assessment of your profile. You can approve the courses that you wish to apply for.

  • Submit Application

    Once the documents and requirements are in place and you have approved courses to apply, your advisor will fill the applications, after which you will be able to submit the dully filled application along with the application fee(if any) to the univsersity/college

  • Admission Assistance

    You shall receive timely advise and updates from your assigned advisor for the admission follow-up process. After which your advisor shall brief and assist you with the required financial documentation for procuring the VISA.

  • VISA Assistance

    Post successful admission, your advisor shall advise and assist you in VISA application process and submission of required documents.

  • FLY to study

    After receiving the VISA, your advisor will provide you with required pre-flight assistance and with the pre-departure information that will equip you better for your stay and study at your study destination.

The unique software platform of WhizStorm streamlines your study abroad process in various ways, the simplest way for which is you find courses and universities that suit your profile, shortlist these courses to apply. You can access your shortlist on your student dashboard for free after successful registration

You can use the search bar on our homepage to select the course you desire to take, the country where you would like to study and your level of education which could be (Bachelors, Masters, PhD or Associate.) You get a list of courses as per your selection. This list includes the most important deciding parameters for those courses like tuition, application fee, test requirements, links to university and course pages thus enabling you to take informed decisions.

Our powerful search engine allows you to further refine your search criteria and bring the best match for you. This is a self-guided profile evaluation where depending on your preferred factors like destination country or city, tuition, academic scores GPA, test scores (GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS), and other deciding factors you can shortlist and check the various course options that satisfy your selection criteria.

To apply to these shortlisted courses through WhizStorm and also to get asistance on other processes like documentation (Essays, SOP, LOR), putting together application requirements, submission of applications, admissions, financial documentation and VISA you need to purchase a STUDY ABROAD PLAN offered by Whizstorm at a reasonable cost. After which a dedicated advisor will help you understand the requirements for that application and will help you in successfully completing and submitting the application.

The advisor also helps you with information about the documentation required the timeline of the process, and visa requirements. Thus the STUDY ABROAD PLAN will ensure timely completion of every important step of the process from profile assessment to VISA successfully so that you fly to your dream destination to study this course of your choice.

You also get access to the student dashboard which is an excellent interface to our software that helps in automating your study abroad process. All the notifications and updates will be shared by the advisor and you on this software interface to track and manage the process in a timely manner.