Women in STEM

Women in STEM

Whizstorm is here to encourage young women & professionals ready to pursue a career in STEM and non-STEM as well ! There are array of opportunities awaiting you. From Doctorates, Masters, Degrees, Diplomas, to short period Certificate Courses. You can equip yourself with the right academic knowledge and raise your career graph.

Higher education holds a key not only to your bright future, but also it can help you become a strong personality that can face the challenges of tomorrow.

Whizstorm group takes special efforts to understand the student’s requirements & conducts special sessions for prospective women candidates to set the right study abroad goal.

We take pride in the fact that some of our young women research students have received full scholarship & financial aid to study in the USA & few other countries. We shall be happy to assist you in applying for the travel grants & scholarships abroad.

Break the Glass Ceiling, we are with you !

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