How to start the study abroad process

Take advantage of whizstorm's web-based platform to plan and start your study abroad process!

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  • SIGN UP to start

    To start with your plan to study abroad you need to first decide on the country and course you would like to study. SIGN UP on Whizstorm and get an access to information of 40,000+ Programs from 13+ countries.

  • Search and Find Programs and Universities

    Explore thousands of courses from 1500+ Universities and Colleges, refine your search results based on your criteria like budget, academics, test scores, fees and others. Know more about how to proceed with the Search-Shortlist-Apply approach on Whizstorm to study abroad.

  • Need Expert Assistance?

    For students from all over the world who want complete professional help for planning their study abroad, Whizstorm also offers most optimal PLANS of dedicated assistance in your study abroad process.

  • PLANS for assistance at every step.

    These PLANS offer all the services and help you need at various steps like University and Course Selection, Documentation (LOR, SOP, ESSAYS), Application, Admissions, VISA and all other steps where professional expertise and guidance guarantees successful admission and thus achieving your study abroad goal.

  • Dedicated Advisor + Advanced software = Sucessful Study Abroad

    Once you buy these plans you are assigned a dedicated advisor who helps you at every step of the process. The Advanced student dashboard helps you track and manage the process in timely manner. Understand in detail How Whizstorm’s PLANS of dedicated assistance streamlines your study abroad process

  • Explore our PLANS to start your successful study abroad journey now.

    Choose a PLAN for dedicated assistance

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