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Want to study in Hungary? Know some Fast Facts about Hungary as one of the best study abroad destination.
  • Hungary, a country in Central Europe surrounded by Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Croatia few other countries sharing boundaries with it, has a population of 9,655,361. Hungary rises into hills and mountains in the north at the Slovakian border. Danube and Tisza are the major rivers and divide the country in half. Budapest is its capital city with great number of tourist attractions. It has a parliamentary democracy.
  • It has mild continental climate with four variety of seasons, summers, winters, autumn and spring. Winters as expected can be freezing and snowfall is common. Overall, it is famous for offering pleasant climate in all seasons. It also experiences good rainfall divided all through the year.
  • A lot of ethnicity exists in Hungarian population with 83.7 % Hungarians 3.1% Romani, 1.3 % Germans, 0.3 % Slovaks and the remaining percentage including mixed groups of immigrants from other non-European countries.
  • The official language is Hungarian, which is derived from the Uralic language family and is unrelated to most of the languages spoken in the neighboring nations. which is not only the most preferred language in the country but also one of Europe’s most widely spoken languages. Other commonly spoken languages include Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Croatian, Romani, Romanian, many more. German and English remain the most spoken foreign languages in the country.
  • Hungarian economy with a GDP growth rate of 4 % is mostly consistent with the economic development of other European countries at the infrastructural, educational and corporate sector level. It ranks as one of the primary regional economies in the European Union with a highly stable financial structure. The private services like trade, tourism, finance and other economic services are also ever-expanding. The economy is export-oriented with a sharp focus on exporting economic services. The transportation sector owned by the state and by some other private corporations is excellent and makes local and regional commuting very easy, fast and highly accessible. Hungary’s agricultural sector, due to its favorable climatic conditions, together with the industrial sector represents a large share in the country’s economy. The automotive industry, telecommunications and computer technology, while food and light industries are growing at a steady pace.
  • The major urban cities such as Budapest, Miskolc and Debrecen have a metro-cosmopolitan culture and offer good employment opportunities. There is rapid development in the technology sector and considering the shortage of skilled technology and IT candidates, possessing IT related skills in this area makes you highly eligible for employment. The employment conditions are very similar to those of Western Europe, with good benefits for holiday pay, as well as maternity and sick leave.
  • With good labor conditions, promising health and education systems, a flourishing culture, good climate, striking social affability and prospering employment scenario, Hungary is a great country for foreigners to study, work, and live in harmony and well-being.

Hungary Education System

  • Recently, foreign students from both EU and non-EU countries have started considering Hungary as the study abroad destination. The countries from where most students enroll are Norway, Israel and Sweden, Germany, Iran, India. while the majority of guest students are citizens of the countries bordering Hungary.
  • Higher education is divided between colleges and universities. Graduation usually lasts for three to four years, while university education may last for four to five years depending on the program and the internships required. Vocational course structure usually last two years. University PhD courses usually take 5 years to complete including thesis and research paper submission.
  • The cost of student accommodation in Hungary is lower than in most Western European Countries and Scandinavia. Hungarian embassies issue education visas more easily than other European Union and Schengen Member States. Number of scientific inventors and Nobel Prize Winners were educated in Hungary. Residence permits issued in Hungary for foreign students allow them to travel to Schengen countries.
  • Many education programs are offered in English and German. A number of low cost flights connect Hungarian cities to popular travel destinations. There are employment opportunities in the fields of IT and work permits are comparatively easier to obtain during and after studies than other European nations like France, Germany, Switzerland and non-EU nations like US & Canada.
  • Easier admission procedures and fewer documents required for obtaining admission makes it a perfect place to take up higher studies for students with average grades and low work experience. Recently, Medical degrees offered by Hungarian universities are earning a lot of reputation globally and competition from Russian universities. A point to be remembered is that these medical degrees are accepted by the WHO and are directly transferable to any European-Union member nation. The academic year teaches from September to June with short summer holidays in July and August. With so many benefits Hungary has become the dream study abroad country for aspiring students around the world.

Universities in Hungary

Application Requirements to Study in Hungary

( Bachelor's )
( Master's )
Recommendation Letters
Portfolio *Variable *Variable
Work Experience Documents *Variable
Transcript Evaluation *Variable *Variable

*Variable- This requirement varies according to the program and university


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